1. Hybrid Cultivated Meat Products:
Composition: Hybrid cultivated meat products typically combine lab-grown (cultivated) cells with other (vegan) fillers. This means that they include a mixture of cells that were cultured in a laboratory setting with other materials to reach a meat like product. It can be compared with the composition of e.g. sausage products or other foods made up of various meat components and additives.

Production Process: The production of hybrid meat products involves integrating different fillers oder food ingredients with cultivated meat technology. It often starts with a small sample of animal cells that are multiplied in vitro to create meat cells, which are then blended with vegan fillers or sometimes conventionally sourced meat to create the final product.

Market Availability: These products are relatively new to the market and may be seen as a transitional step towards fully cultivated meat. They might be promoted as more sustainable options compared to traditional meat.

2. Real Cultivated Meat:
Composition: Real cultivated meat, also known as cultured meat or lab-grown meat, is produced entirely from animal cells that are cultured in a laboratory without the need for raising and slaughtering animals. It is 100% animal-cell-based and does not contain any conventionally sourced meat.

Production Process: The production of real cultivated meat involves taking a small sample of animal cells, such as muscle cells, and placing them in a bioreactor where they are nourished and allowed to grow into muscle tissue. This process does not involve traditional animal farming practices.

Sustainability: Real cultivated meat is often promoted as a more sustainable and ethical alternative to conventionally produced meat, as it reduces the environmental impact and animal welfare concerns associated with traditional meat production.

Market Availability: Real cultivated meat is still in the development and regulatory approval stage in many countries, with a limited number of products available in select markets.

In summary, hybrid cultivated meat products combine cultivated cells with fillers and ingredients, while real cultivated meat is produced exclusively from lab-grown animal cells without additives. That means, only „real cultivated meat“ is 100 % meat and is in the position to substitute natural meat. On the other hand, also hybrid cultivated meat products could play a role in the whole system that ist needed to feed the world in the future.

Real cultivated meat is often considered a more sustainable and cruelty-free alternative to traditional meat, but it is still in the early stages of commercialization and regulatory approval.

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