A bioreactor is a device used in the field of biotechnology to cultivate and grow cells or microorganisms in a controlled environment. In the context of building cultivated meat, bioreactors are used to grow animal muscle cells, also known as myocytes, to produce lab-grown meat.

The bioreactor provides the necessary conditions for the cells to multiply and form muscle tissue. It typically consists of a sterile chamber where cells can grow, along with a nutrient-rich medium that supplies the necessary energy and building blocks for cell growth. The bioreactor also controls factors such as temperature, pH levels, oxygen supply, and mechanical stimulation to mimic the natural conditions required for muscle growth.

By using bioreactors, scientists can optimize the growth process, ensuring the cells develop into edible muscle tissues that can be harvested for consumption. Bioreactors play a crucial role in the development and scalability of cultivated meat, offering a more sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional animal farming.

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